If a customer asks the question….why should I buy Prather Ranch meat? Here are the answers!!

  • The unique “Closed Herd” status ensures that our animals are the healthiest, most documented cattle you can find. No new animals have been added to the herd since the early 1990’s. The cattle are kept separate from other livestock and are only transported in our dedicated Prather Ranch truck and trailer.
  • ONLY Prather Ranch cattle are harvested in the abattoir, which creates a high level of security for the process and the assurance of sanitary and safe conditions for food safety.
  • The standard operating procedures require us to tag our calves within 24 hours after birth. Animal identification enables the ranch to track the animal during its entire life span.
  • The majority of the feed fed to the cattle is raised on the Prather Ranch.The ranch raises all of its own hay, which is chopped and mixed with barley and organic rice for their feed ration. A highly nutritious, specially made mineral supplement is available for the cattle.
  • The beef is carefully hand-cut by our artisan meat processors in our own USDA inspected facility. Prather Ranch ensures the traceability of each animal by including on each package the animal’s identification number.
  • Prather Ranch is committed to food safety issues by testing for e.coli three times more frequently than required by the USDA and has never had a positive test for e.coli to date.
  • Prather Ranch incorporates holistic management practices and solid science, the ranch feeds a specially designed culture for Lactobacillius acidophiles and other beneficial microbes. This feeding practice improves animal health and the environment. Feeding Lactobacillius provides a steady supply of beneficial microbes to the digestive tract. These beneficial microbes improve digestion, keep the animal healthy and reduce animal waste products. This proactive and unique feeding practice is consistent with the Prather Ranch concept of supplying consumers a safe, wholesome product that is produced in an environmentally sound management system.
  • Prather Ranch, in its never-ending commitment to provide their customers with the more tender and tasty beef on the market today, has implemented the use of new technology available in the beef industry. The ranch began DNA testing in 2004, using Gene STAR tests for the tenderness gene marker in their herd sires. Those bulls that test positive for the tenderness trait are retained in the herd as breeding stock. Their offspring are more likely to produce meat that will be tender. This test has been validated by the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium. The evolution of this market technology represents a new era in the beef industry by allowing us at Prather Ranch to increase our ability to produce a consistent product that will be tenderer than the rest